Game localization is a must nowadays, it’s a gate to players in all markets. A game is a work of art, think of it similar to a movie but players can interact with it, even live in it. Localization is crucial if you want to provide an outstanding experience for your players in their own language, and when done right it will have a huge impact on your connection with the players in the targeted region and offers a great advantage over competitors. We make sure that each aspect of the localization process is taken care of according to our high standards, be it text translation and adaptation or voice recording and performance guidance among other things.

Quality Assurance

Sinbadnet offers various testing services on all platforms, including but not limited to:

  • Functional QA
  • Linguistic QA
  • Fun QA
  • Focused Group Testing
  • Closed Beta Testing
  • Alpha Testing

Game Consulting

The MENA market is one of the top growing markets in the gaming area. To get a piece of the cake, you need to understand how the market works, even better, you could hire our professionals who understand it! Consolidate your presence in the region by working with the market experts at Sinbadnet who have wide experience in publishing, and doing business in the MENA region becoming a link between the Asian, global and Arab cultures. Sinbadnet has a local services team located in Cairo, Egypt, and the Korean, Seoul office is the Global publishing branch.

Service Management

Your Arab players, just like all players in the world, expect to be included in your plan; they want you to wish them a “Happy Eid”, you can go an extra mile and help make their “Eid” better! How do you think your players would feel if you create a special event celebrating their special holidays? We can get creative with in-game events, discuss scenarios and work with you hand in hand to develop events that your players would really appreciate, about “Ramadan”, “Eid Al Adha”, “Eid Al Fitr”.. Etc. Sinbadnet will operate your games smoothly with its 10+ years of experience in publishing games in the Arab world, in addition to publishing Korean, Chinese and global games to the whole MENA region.


Understanding your players wants and needs and hearing what they have to say is key to your games’ success. To be able to achieve that, you need to keep a communication line open for players to give their feedback and include them in your community, include them in creating their own experience.  Although analyzing the behavior of your players is crucial to understand the directions you need to focus on and the ones you need to avoid investing in, listening and genuinely caring can make a huge difference on the long term, because players like to be heard, and included. Sinbadnet offers various marketing solutions including but not limited to:

  • Influencers Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Online/Offline Marketing
  • Social Media Campaigns